How to create 3D Posts for Facebook

How to create 3D Posts for Facebook

A quick walk-through for creating 3D images for Facebook

This may come in a bit late but you have noticed that Facebook now encourages the uploading of 3D images, well not so much 3D but you can rotate the images to a certain extent and have really well presented sense of depth. We have tried this as well and we liking the results so without further reading on and on let us begin preparation of our images into 3D images in Facebook.

For this demo, we need a beauty render and a depth map. Depending on your software of choice we are going to prepare the images. I am using Zbrush and Photoshop. The first thing we do is images export the images in question. I have a chicken warrior character from Zbrush, the files along with freestyle videos are in on our Gumroad store.

The model is not that detailed but the underlying principle is the same. Open Zbrush, add a shader on it. Adjust your lighting and test out your render unit l you get a decent image. There are two ways to send the images out and fix them in Photoshop. When adjusting your images in Photoshop, make sure your values are standing out enough. If your depth map has black areas, those parts is furthest away and parts that are white regarded as closest.

If you would like a background on your image then you may do so. Once again this lays how your image is going to be presented. Once your image and your depth image are adjusted accordingly you can then export it *the name of your image*_depth. If your saved file is called Rooster.Jpeg then your depth map will be Rooster_depth.Jpeg

Once that is done, select your two images- the Beauty image and the depth image. Now upload them at the same time. If you followed the steps correctly then you should have 3D image calculating on the Facebook mini window.

I hope this was useful. Don’t forget to get the Rooster freestyle video as well as the obj files on my gumroad.

Happy Sculpting

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