What exactly do I do???

The reasoning behind this site, is multipurpose- I wanna have a bit of the Internet corner decorated with some of my work, also the other reason is to simplify the learning process while not increasing its exchange value. One thing that I wish I knew earlier in my Career  was the fact the education does not have to be so expensive. Somewhere out there is an individual who wants to get into digital art but its so damn expensive!! This site aims to  remedy that in a functional value packed and fun way.

Hopefully with the growth of this site we will tackle other issues like positioning yourself as an artist in a world that is not ready to understand you but consumes what you create on a regular basis, maybe have a user exchange once a while and get some of my industry friend to share their wisdom in the form of work and lessons. 

If you feel the same way as i do maybe we can collaborate and hopefully change the world one pixel at  time. 

Your Support is highly Apreciated!!

I do not take it lightly that you enjoy what I do and share, it is really encouraging to wake up your messages and feedback. I will strive to maintain and improve the quality of content as you enjoy it so much.
If you feel like supporting my works, I have attached a link below where you can make a small contributions a token of appreciation. Thank you in advance