The Four Hidden secrets to Help improving your art

I have the secret yes I do I have the secret and what is the secret?, for the secret is to help you get into sculpting; improve your sculpting; master your sculpting alright and as a disclosure, I would like to please apologize for my oversimplifying. I also have an example of what I’m talking about so I want to discuss the four secrets that will help you get into sculpting improve your sculpting and master your sculpting.


You have to understand how a complex figure is formed I’m talking about people I’m talking about animals or creatures I’m talking about objects or props or assets whatever you want to call it depending on the field that you are in, each and every single one of these aspects and possibly more is comprised of these four secrets.

Secret number one is “lines”… All right now before you just click off this Article and go like oh no this is nonsense just hear me out,  and I’ll show you how everything ties in together to help you improve your work. What are lines or What is a line? A line is a connection between a minimum of two points, meaning that if I have point A and point B then I can use a line to connect them.  Now if I have three points maybe four points or five points right I can still use a line to connect them and this Segways into the next secret.



What is shape?  Shapes are a result of a line being formed when more than two points are connected. To put it in another way, if you have more than two points I can run that line through them and close the line on itself and shape is formed. So if I have three points I get a triangle if I have four points I get a square and so on and so forth.



What exactly are “forms”? Forms occur when you take two or more shapes and arrange/combine them in a certain to appear different. Put in another way a form is a combination of more than two shapes. All right this is how I have sort of broken it down for you guys to understand and if you can implement this in your work you will see a drastic improvement. If you are able to deduce the lines in your work; if you are able to make up the shapes in your work and if you are able to see the combination of shapes that culminate into forms in your work then you are golden!!


Now for the final secret, volume. What do we mean by volume? This means the amount of space that a form in question occupies. Volumes push us to think in 3D and this means consideration of aspects like perspective, the proportion has to be given some thought.

So these four secrets right when properly harnessed you can create this and possibly more.

Below is a video on YouTube further and more visually explaining the four secrets visually

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